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We have two goals at our firm. The first is top-flight education. The second is unparalleled representation. You can’t choose your best move forward, if you don’t understand the process. Visit our article library to learn about different areas of the law that may affect you.

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Understand what the court process is actually like. Divorce can be simple or it can be messy. Learn what parts of the process you can control. Learn what parts are out of your control. Our ebook will walk you through the process so that you can better know what’s in front of you.


  • Why The Lawyer You Choose Matters
  • Whether Fighting is Worth It
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How To Protect Yourself

Many people make common mistakes when thinking about divorce and taking those initial first steps. In our ebook, we explain the process clearly and concisely so that you can avoid basic and preventable pitfalls.

Protect yourself by understanding what to do and not do as you decide on how to move forward. Learn the most important things you need to consider when deciding what is your best next step.

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Our mission: to provide you with simple, clear, consistent legal information and counsel. Here’s the secret to getting through your divorce: educate yourself. We are here to teach you what other lawyers won’t. We are here to help you understand the process so that you can participate actively.
Our clients are different than most. They have an understanding of the process that goes deeper. They have an investment in wanting to better their lives and the lives of their children. We are here for them in every way possible providing information, counsel, and support.

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Our firm is here for you. We work with people going through matters of divorce, custody, and support, because we want to help you change your life for the better. Our firm was was founded with idea that we could set ourselves apart by always exceeding the expectations of our clients. In pursuit of that goal, we never hold back. We give away as much information as possible. We are honest with you from your first meeting to the last. Past clients continue to rely on us for representation because they know we tell them what they NEED to hear, not what they want to hear.

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