Robert B. Buchanan, Esq.

Robert "Bobby" Buchanan is a seasoned practitioner that focuses his practice exclusively on helping parents through divorce and custody matters.

He is a 2019 recipient of the "10 Best" award for client satisfaction.

He has consistently achieved results for his clients, including:

- Secured regular parenting time for father who had not seen his two-year old son in over one year.

- Obtained 50-50 parenting time for father who had been marginalized to every other weekend before hiring lawyer and starting court process.

- Successfully re-gained custody for a father who had been falsely accused of abuse of his 6-year-old daughter.

- Obtained regular, unsupervised, parenting time and reduced child support for father who was only permitted to see child at the home of mother before hiring Joint Custody Advocates.

- Assisted mother of 5-week old daughter negotiate a joint parenting plan, which protected child and fostered healthy relationship between father and child.

(**each case is different and we can't guarantee any particular result**)

We have the experience necessary to assist in the following areas:

- Contested and uncontested divorces
- Contested and uncontested custody proceedings
- Establishing parental rights
- Establishing a court ordered parenting schedule
- Defending and prosecuting orders of protection
- Establishing child support and maintenance (AKA alimony)
- Other matters involving your parental rights and your children

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