Our Philosophy

When the executives at Google hire a new law firm they take an analytical approach. Just crunch the numbers and size up whether it’s a wise business decision. Charts, graphs, .xls files. Just plug in the numbers and take your hover board home. But wait… are the attorneys and staff gonna be sympathetic to their cause? Who the F cares. It's about profit, not people. They'd hire robot lawyers if it meant higher stock prices.

Well you’re not google and we’re not robots. You’re in a tough spot. And we care. We care about our families, our neighbors, our clients, and we know that life sometimes you just need a little help.

Sometimes it’s necessary to aggressively litigate your case. Sometimes it’s black and white and there is little middle ground. Other times the right attorney must salvage the good while tossing the bad.
We pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships with everyone involved and be the leaders in each and every case.

Our firm is about leveling-up. Every day we work on leveling-up ourselves and our clients. What choices can we make today that will better tomorrow. What ideas, thoughts, and emotions should we keep, and which should we throw out? How can we be better people? That’s how you win in family court. Be prepared to be coached and cajoled. Yes, we will throw down when throwing down makes sense, but the brutal truth of family court is that final outcomes are unpredictable and justice is elusive. If you want to win, you have to redefine winning.