Your Ex Not Letting You See Your Children?... Don't Start With By Paying an Expensive Retainer
(There's a much smarter solution...)

The Custody Demand Letter.

Hiring a lawyer to fight for you in court is expensive, stressful, and often completely unnecessary. A smarter approach is to let your ex know that you mean business by having your lawyer send them a letter outlining your legal rights and demanding their strict compliance.

One letter could save you thousands in attorney's fees and months (or even years) of fighting in court.


This is for you if...

You're tired of your ex using your children as pawns. Your ex is acting childish. Your ex doesn't think you would ever actually hire a lawyer. Your ex is jealous of your new relationship. Your ex is trying to push you out of your children's lives and replace you with a "new" parent.

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    Hiring a lawyer is a huge step. It's expensive. The results are unpredictable. And finding a good, trust-worthy attorney is not easy.
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    You've heard stories of people spending thousands on lawyers and getting nowhere. 
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    Going into court is scary. Do you really want to open that can-of-worms if you don't have to?
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    You're a good parent, you support your children, and you've tried talking rationally with your ex, but they won't budge. They're just stubborn and you've had enough. Time to take it to the next level.

Let Your Ex Know You're Serious Without Paying Thousands! A Custody Demand Letter Makes It Loud and Clear That You Mean Business!


A well-worded demand letter will will motivate your ex to act reasonable.


There is a time and place to hire a lawyer: After everything else fails. Start smart.



Demand letters have been used for centuries by lawyers to achieve settlement without court involvement.

Get instant access to your customized Custody Demand Letter now!

Are you ready to take action?

So...What Exactly Is A Custody Demand Letter?

A Demand Letter is The First Step Most Lawyers Take Before Filing In Court. It is a formal letter that let's the other side know that you have a lawyer, the law is on your side, and if they don't follow the law, you will take them to court get what is rightfully yours.

What Does Our Custody Demand Letter Actually Look Like?  Our Custody Demand Letter is printed on high-quality paper, with our law firm's letterhead at the top. We reference your ex and your children by name, we reference any relevant statutes and possible actions the court might take against your ex if they do not comply with our demands.

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

We guarantee that our Custody Demand Letter will get you results. If you are not able to see your children within 30 days after we send our letter, you get your payment back. No questions asked. 


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