You may be wondering whether or not it is worth signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Prenuptial agreements are contracts that protect assets and set limits on maintenance/alimony if a divorce were to happen. Typically, prenuptial agreements are sought by couples where one party has many assets and the other does not. While this is often the case, anyone can consider getting a prenuptial agreement prior to tying the knot. The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan can help ease your concerns by explaining how to prepare for your future with our legal guidance. Contact our law firm today at (312) 757-4833 to receive the legal help and guidance that can help you through your family matters.

How Can a Prenuptial Agreement Help Me During a Divorce?

A prenuptial agreement (prenup) is a legal contract between two people who are about to get married. The prenup states what property each person keeps if the marriage ends in divorce or the death of one spouse. Couples getting married can benefit greatly from creating a prenuptial agreement because it outlines how their property and debt are divided in case something happens in the future, as well as sets stipulations for spousal maintenance/support. To learn more about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, get in touch with our law firm today.

How Can a Divorce Attorney Assist Me With a Prenuptial Agreement?

It’s important when drafting your prenup to get specific and to include as much detail as possible. This will ensure that if you ever need to go before a judge, your wishes will be clear and the case won’t have to spend time determining what may or may not have been fair. A divorce lawyer with years of experience can talk to you about your options and what you should consider when creating a prenuptial agreement. We can also alleviate any concerns you or your future spouse may be having about getting a prenuptial agreement. In general, divorces can end up being much more amicable if a prenuptial agreement was put into place.

What Else Should I Know Following My Divorce?

It’s common for people to feel concerned about the future, and you might be wondering if you should get a prenup to protect yourself. Whether it’s your first marriage or your second, working with The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan can put your mind at ease by ensuring that all legal matters are handled effectively and quickly. Contact The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan today at (312) 757-4833 for compassionate and strong representation for your divorce.