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  • Overall a great firm. I definitely would recommend this firm to someone that is seeking to any form of custodial... read more

    Demetrice Redmond Avatar Demetrice Redmond
  • Hands down on this law farm! In my case hands up I've been to a few different ones and this... read more

    Tristan Fuller Avatar Tristan Fuller
  • I had a great experience working with Mr. Buchanan and his staff! The lines of communication stayed open during my... read more

    Jini Ama La Vida Avatar Jini Ama La Vida
  • Started this process as I was in need of help to ensure I could be apart of my daughter life.... read more

    Gio Rodriguez Avatar Gio Rodriguez
  • I must say that I found Mr Buchanan and his law firm by chance. I was served papers on... read more

    Bryan Benson Avatar Bryan Benson
  • Thank you so much Mr. Buchanan for your counsel, guidance and coaching these last 9 months for it has made... read more

    Javier Anaya Avatar Javier Anaya
  • Robert has been everything I would expect from an attorney and more. My daughter was in peril spending time with... read more

    Terry Carrico Avatar Terry Carrico

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