Having a child custody dispute during divorce can complicate the settlement process. The relationship between parents and children is extremely important, which means that such disputes must be handled with care. If you’re wondering how your child custody dispute could hurt your divorce, you should reach out to a divorce lawyer in Chicago as soon as possible. Seeking legal help during this potentially difficult time can help alleviate your stress as your divorce progresses. Contact our law firm today at (312) 757-4833 to receive the legal help and guidance that can help you through your divorce.

Do I Have to Go to Court to Resolve My Child Custody Dispute?

It’s important to understand that child custody disputes can be resolved through many different methods of resolution, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR allows parents who are in conflict over child custody issues to have their cases resolved with the assistance of a third party. Mediation is an example of ADR, and it allows both parties to meet with a neutral mediator in order to try and find common ground for resolving their child custody dispute. If you’re considering ADR as an option during your divorce, please feel free to reach out to our law firm for more information about the process. If these alternative methods do not help you make progress, our trusted counsel for custody battles in Chicago can represent you in court to ensure your child gets the best results possible in the future.

How Can a Lawyer Prevent Further Issues Through My Divorce Process?

Reaching out to The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan before your divorce becomes contentious can prevent child custody disputes from arising in the future by making sure that there’s a solid parenting plan in place for both parents. This is important because such parenting plans can be enforced by the court and used as evidence if either parent disobeys the court order at any point after it has been put into place. If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to reach out to our law firm today to get the help you need for your child custody dispute and divorce.

Which Divorce Lawyer Should I Trust?

Having a child custody dispute during divorce can create stress and anxiety for everyone involved and complicate the process of reaching a settlement. If you’re worried about how your child custody dispute is hurting your divorce, contact The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan today at (312) 757-4833 for compassionate and strong representation for your divorce.