In a divorce, who gets what and who pays whom can be complicated topics. While this is a common reason for a divorce, the issue of property division and child custody is also one that can become contentious relatively quickly. With an uncontested divorce, however, both parties agree on these matters ahead of time. This means that there are no disputes between the parties on these matters. While some choose to have their uncontested divorce finalized in court, others will have all of the required paperwork signed off on beforehand so that it can be processed without the attendance of both parties. An uncontested divorce is usually much faster than a contested one. Contact our law firm today at (312) 757-4833 to receive the legal help and guidance that can help you through your divorce.

Why Would I Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

There are many benefits to having an uncontested divorce, including the fact that it is much faster than a contested one. You may only be required to appear in court once before your case is finalized and rendered as done. This can help you avoid extra stress as well as additional time spent in the courtroom. Why would someone choose an uncontested divorce over a contested one? The reasons vary depending on each situation; however, there are some generalizations that can be made. An uncontested divorce typically requires less effort and fewer resources than a contested one does and generally less paperwork and legwork. However, even with an uncontested divorce, it’s still necessary to have legal representation, otherwise, there could be potential pitfalls involved with going through the process without a lawyer. The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan can help you with your uncontested divorce to make sure that it goes smoothly and according to plan.

Are All Divorce Lawyers the Same?

Not all divorce lawyers are the same. Some may not specialize in uncontested divorces, which could be a problem if anything regarding property division or visitation comes up. It is extremely important to work with someone who has experience and knowledge of what you’re going through ahead of time. When it comes to uncontested divorces, do not go into the situation alone. We can help you no matter if you are dealing with an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce.

Which Divorce Attorney is Right for Me?

Our firm has over a decade of divorce-related legal experience under its belt and can help you navigate this process with ease so that you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes along the way. Contact The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan today at (312) 757-4833 for compassionate and strong representation for your divorce.