A parenting plan is a legal document that outlines how you and your child’s other parent will share the responsibility of raising them following separation or divorce. It describes things like:

  • How time with each parent is spent
  • Who makes important decisions about the child
  • What happens when special circumstances arise, such as being sick in the hospital or moving to another state

It also states how parents resolve conflicts over issues not addressed in the parenting plan, both during their relationship and after it ends. Once an effective plan has been made, it can be very helpful in guiding parents through ongoing situations for years to come. They are usually made when there are minor children involved because these plans are put into place for their benefit. Contact our law firm today at (312) 757-4833 to receive the legal help and guidance that can help you through your divorce.

What Disputes Can Arise When Creating a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan can be a great way for parents to communicate about raising their children in the best way, but it is important to address all issues from the beginning. Parents often disagree on which parent should have the final say when making big decisions or if they will need help from other people in resolving differences of opinion. In order to avoid these disagreements, it helps to lay out a system for who gets the final say and how much input each parent has going forward. Hiring a lawyer can help you work through these issues in a streamlined way.

How Can a Lawyer Help With a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is an invaluable tool when it comes to resolving differences and making big decisions regarding your child’s upbringing or care. It can help parents maintain focus on what is best for the family as they go through the divorce process, rather than getting caught up in more emotional issues. Additionally, if there are ever conflicts between parents over how things are being handled with their children, having certain guidelines written down will help both of them remain on track. Creating this document prior to separation or divorce helps ensure that the lines of communication remain open between parents so everyone has access to necessary information. Our team of divorce lawyers understands what goes into an effective parenting plan and we can assist you in creating one and settling any disputes that can arise.

Are Parenting Plans Easier to Create With a Lawyer?

Creating a parenting plan with the help of a lawyer can be a great way to ensure that both parents have an equal say in how things are handled with their children. In order for one parent not to feel more empowered than the other, it is important that all issues are treated fairly and equally. Contact The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan today at (312) 757-4833 for compassionate and strong representation for your divorce.