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If Divorce Is On The Horizon, Your Next Step Is The Most Important. 

Have you lost that feeling of control you once had? Is your spouse using your children as pawns? Do fear for the future of your children and your finances?

When your spouse no longer listens to reason, and effective communication has disappeared, the idea of protecting your children and assets can feel overwhelming. 

A manipulative ex can, quite literally, take your life and the life of your children hostage.

We are divorce litigators trained to guide you through high-conflict, and on to your next chapter.

Here's how to get started:

Bryan Benson

I must say that I found Mr Buchanan and his law firm by chance. I was served papers on my already closed divorce case and was worried about the ramifications it would have on my life. I was in a bit of a panic and living out of state at the time.

After speaking with 4 other attorneys for initial consultation, I chose to go with Mr Buchanan in spite of him having a bit higher retainer.

I am happy to say that my case is over and my money was well spent. The higher retainer actually turned out to be a benefit and I got great value working with his firm. From the first conversation to the last, Mr Buchanan was a trusted adviser and someone I could count on to be in my corner. He was straight forward, honest, kind, diligent and responsive. I could call him on his cell number any time, and did. Several times when I couldn't travel to appear in court, he was there and often called me from the lobby to let me know how it was going and ask me how I wanted to respond to certain issues being raised.

Again, thanks to Robert and his excellent staff, I now have my case settled, my life back in order and all of this behind me. I couldn't have done it with out his fantastic team in my corner.

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About Robert B. Buchanan.

Robert B. Buchanan has been helping medium to high-asset individuals resolve contested divorce and custody matters for eight years. He lives in Lincoln Park, Chicago, with his wife and son. 

When not deescalating conflict or litigating in court, he can be found spending time with his family or running down the lake path. 

They Say

I will always refer friends and family to his practice....

"Robert has been everything I would expect from an attorney and more.

My daughter was in peril spending time with my ex spouse (true physical and mental danger) and Robert recognized it.

He played the the long game even though I was so eager to “wrap things up” knowing it would yield the lasting results daughter needed.

In the end, Robert has made sure my daughter is no longer in danger and that she is in the best situation possible for her wellbeing and growth.

Very timely and professional. I will always refer friends and family to his practice."

Terry Carrico  //  Former Client

Robert's group expertly kept me focused on the path that gave me (my kids) the best chance...

"Robert's law office was truly unique. Abnormal in a good way. They were able to efficiently help me with most-serious post-divorce custody, money, and bogus "order of protection" attempts.

The issues were hurting my awesome and deserving kids. He got me on track to win whats best for my kids, which I did. He also helped me keep his time and fees to a minimum winnable solution.

We didn't have much time left before my kids might have developed unrecoverable damage.

My kids and I are forever thankful for the help and the results. Navigating the courts and judges etal is brutal and in ways absurd.

Robert's group expertly kept me focused on the path that gave me (my kids) the best chance.

We will be forever grateful."

Daniel Walsh  //  Former Client

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